Eid Dress or Duress?



Hey guys!

How’s Ramzan going for you so far? Have you begun your Eid shopping yet? I know the weather isn’t too kind to us most days but gotta make the most of it! (Cuz shopping knows no bounds amiright? ;D )

For this Eid, I bought a dress from Firenze Woman’s Premium Eid Collection by Rani Emaan…

…and I have to say I’m in LOVE with the quality of the fabric! It’s so light and not stiff or rough at all (cuz who likes walking around in clothes that feel like cardboard? Nothanksbye). Not to mention they offer a beautiful variety of designs ranging from subtle hues to vibrant, rich ones, catering to every taste palette.

The design I bought is called Zinnia, named after an American plant of the daisy family that is widely cultivated for its bright flowers. The dress is an ethereal shade of lime green, with contrasting shades of golds, pinks, blacks and whites running through it in an intricate floral embroidered and printed patterns. Perfect for a summer Eid!

So if you’re late in getting your Eid shopping done (for that tailor of yours does love to take his sweet time to stitch your clothes), just Click here to go to their website and pick out your favourite dress before they’re all sold out!

Oh AND NOT TO FORGET, Rani Emaan has the most amazing offer (click here to see their facebook page)  going on for you late shoppers! Place you order on their website by Friday (June 16th, 2017) and get your favorite design tailored by Rani Eman directly! (Unfortunately this offer is valid only for Credit/Debit Card holders :/)

I’ll be posting my Eid look, with accessories and all on Instagram (follow me @rabiahclicks).In the meantime, excuse me while I run off to place another order for myself. Heh.

Love y’all!

Till next time ❤



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