Those of you who follow my Instagram  would know that I was away for holidays in Europe, which is why I was unable to post. When I started this blog, a couple of friends warned me about getting too lazy to post, so now that I’m back, I just knew I had to share my latest dilemma with you all.

Through the endless greenery, the gorgeous, quaint streets of old towns, and the wonder of modern architecture scattered across Europe, my oily skin really behaved itself. I suffered no breakouts or excessive oiliness, and I was able to have pictures taken without having to worry about blemishes and all the other fun stuff that comes as a package with oily skin (groan). However, one thing I couldn’t escape was blackheads and whiteheads (those darned pests). I don’t get very large blackheads that stand out on my face, but the amount of pores on my nose is so great that one can’t miss the small bumps scattered all over.

Let me take this opportunity to share a fact with you. Blackheads are NOT dirt clogging your pores. The development of blackheads is not related to the cleanliness of the skin at all! They occur when the pores in the skin become clogged with dead skin cells and sebum (an oily, protective substance produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin). The top of the blackhead, which is visible on the surface of the skin, has a dark color. Normally, hair grows from hair follicles in the pores, and the sebum-producing sebaceous glands lie underneath. When these pores are clogged, the dead skin cells in the open pore react with oxygen in the air and turn black, forming a blackhead (remember 8th grade science and the oxidization process).

So, basically my skin needed some taking care of, and that process (which I do about once or twice every month) is what I’m going to share with you today. And here goes!


Presenting my nose in all its glory! :p


1. Take a piece of cotton, dip it in HOT water, and place it over your nose (or wherever you want to remove the blackheads from). Keep it there till the cotton cools down and then remove it. This basically open the pores, making it easier to extracts the blackheads. An alternative is taking steam, but that’s not recommended if you’re working with small targeted areas like the nose or chin. 



2. Take a small amount of baking soda and mix just enough water drops in it to get a paste-y consistency. I rub this mixture over my nose in circles as an exfoliant to clean up my skin and get rid of external impurities so they don’t get into my pores. Exfoliate for about 5 minutes, and remember to do it GENTLY so the skin isn’t irritated. Once done, clean off with warm water.



3. Aaaaaaaand now my favorite part. Nose strips! I used Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Strips. If they’re not available, I try to get my hands on any good quality charcoal strips. I find them the best because once you remove the strip, you can actually see what’s come off of your skin, and that is weirdly satisfying for me :p



4. Well, the next step is to basically just follow the instructions. Remember to keep your nose wet (because the strip won’t stick to dry skin), and your hands dry (so that it doesn’t spoil the strip). Peel the strip off from the plastic liner and stick it onto your nose, starting from the middle and then smoothing it down the sides. Make sure to apply pressure so there’s no air between the strip and your skin. Give the nose strip 15 minutes to work, or until it is dry and stiff.



5. In order to remove the strip, grab the edges on either side and start pulling it off gently.


6. Voila



7. Optional: I usually moisturize with pure coconut oil afterwards, as it’s my favorite natural moisturizer. You can also use almond oil. 



I hope this posts helps those of you who are constantly stuck with blackheads and whiteheads. Show me some leave and let me know what you think! Till next time, loves.

Cheers! ❤


Education, well-done, with a side order of Ratta?




Hey moms and dads!

Now that the school year has ended, what do you plan to do with your kids over the summer holidays? Will you send them to summer school, or perhaps have them volunteer somewhere like SOS Village or Edhi Homes? Regardless of your child’s activities during the summer, I’m sure the real concern for you is the new school year (starting in Aug/Sept).

Now, its no secret that we sadly have a colorful variety of education systems in Pakistan. The failing government standard system, the many levels of middle class English medium systems, the super pricey private schools, and the unthinkably exorbitant elite school systems (and the list goes on).

Having nephews and nieces who study at these schools, I’m privy to the fact that the concept of holistic education, one where knowledge and learning are accompanied by the focus on cultivating a child’s skills, encouraging the child to dream and think out of the box and stand out, and letting the child be responsible for what and how much he wants to learn (instead of zabardasti danday ke zor pe rattay lagwana), is largely non-existent.

This should be a depressing idea for most parents. After all, if your child is not happy in school, and is forcefully learning what the school and you, the parents, require him/her to learn, are you sure your child is even learning at all, or is he/she just getting by to get it over with? Hmmmmmm…

I recently met someone from the teaching fraternity who made me realize just how important holistic education is. I was able to realize it because I spent my matriculation and F.Sc years feeling absolutely miserable. I had no interest in biology or math or chemistry (the bane of my existence), but I was forced to study them because I had no choice. My parents, for the most part, were also unhappy with me because I wouldn’t produce sparkly results like my elder siblings (oh how I’ve cursed you for this Apa bear :p). Nevertheless, for the most part, I hated school and college. It was only in university when I got to choose exactly what I wanted to study for the next four years (Communication and Media Studies), that I realized I’m not dumb and hopeless at all!! Hell, I graduated with a silver medal, and am currently pursuing an MS degree in the same field!

Getting back to the point, after having met that person, Nadine Murtaza, I came to know just how important it is to explore a child’s personality to find out what interests them, what they like, and what THEY want to learn. However, I don’t find myself qualified enough to speak on the subject, since I’m not an educator myself. So if you have a child who is starting school after the summer, or isn’t happy/doing well at their current school, or YOU, as a parent, aren’t satisfied with the quality of education your child is getting,  I’m going to leave two videos here, of Nadine, that you guys can watch and get some perspective from. 🙂

Cheers! ❤

Nadine has been a teacher and curriculum developer for Headstart School  since graduating from Bryn Mawr College in 2006. She has a keen interest in alternative education, the philosophy of learning and the nuances of play-based learning. She believes learning any subject can be made fun through music, storytelling and acting. She executes alternative methods of teaching in her International Baccalaureate Primary School program, and her students love it and enjoy it. 


Eid Dress or Duress?



Hey guys!

How’s Ramzan going for you so far? Have you begun your Eid shopping yet? I know the weather isn’t too kind to us most days but gotta make the most of it! (Cuz shopping knows no bounds amiright? ;D )

For this Eid, I bought a dress from Firenze Woman’s Premium Eid Collection by Rani Emaan…

My Run-in with Acne

Beauty, Health

Hi guys!

The summer season is hitting its peak and wreaking havoc on our skins. Paired with that is the insane amount of pollution, our diets (rich, spicy, heavy and, oh, unhealthy too), and weird summer vacation sleep cycles (cuz gotta stay up all night to binge-watch that TV show duh). These things, I regret to tell you, come together to drop the ACNE BOMB on us. And that is what happened to me 2 years back…

First blog post


Baby. Geddit? 😉

Hi guys!

So finally my blog is set up, albeit in its baby stages (yippie yayy), and I already have a number of ideas for blog posts running through my head.

Apart from my own ideas, I’d love it if you guys reach out to me and let me know if you want me to talk about a certain issue or topic, say skin care or DIY, or anything else that you want to read about.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Till my next post, Cheers! ❤